#FreeBlackMamasDMV Fundraiser

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day in a really special way. You can join us.

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Did you know…

GildaPapoose and the National Bail Out are non-profit organizations that work to reunite families, encourage care over cages, end money bail, and stop pretrial detention? They’re needed now more than ever.

70% of the people in United States jails are held pretrial. This means they haven’t been convicted of a crime and are legally presumed innocent. What’s more, in Maryland, where we’re based, the individuals who pay the highest bail amounts live in the poorest zip codes.

We’re supporting the Black mothers bailed out of Maryland jails by GildaPapoose through the #FreeBlackMamasDMV campaign. AND we’re honoring Black mothers who are not able to be bailed out of jail this Mother’s Day. You can help.